Arrest report was overstated, cops say

Arrest report was overstated, cops say

A Tuesday arrest report by police turned out to be a false alarm.

Fuerza Pública and Policía Turística officers announced then that Youssef Khater, a Danish citizen of Lebanese origin, was arrested in Puerto Viejo on an allegation of conducting a scam upon a victim in Quepos. Khater had two 2014 complaints made against him for charges of fraud involving taking other persons’ money.

Thursday the Ministerio de Seguridad Pública readjusted the report. Khater was merely held by police on the street in one of their random stop-and-frisk searches for around two hours, the ministry said. The police claimed the purpose of this stop was to confiscate any illegal items such as drugs. Officers also said they were attempting to verify the identity of Khater.

Rafael Araya, the regional director for the Fuerza Pública in the Caribbean zone, insisted that Khater was not formally arrested on any charges. Araya also quickly confirmed that Khater was released upon finding nothing incriminating and verifying his identity. He was not, as the Tuesday report suggested, turned over to judicial agents and detained in a Limón cell.

The Judicial Investigating Organization confirmed Thursday that the woman in question who brought formal charges against Khater in this instance is the same person as from the 2014 complaint and that both complaints are inactive.




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